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Registered Nurse - LTCU Job Description

Department:                 LTCU

Job Title:                      Treatment Nurse

Classification:                   Hourly

Date:                            04/18/2012

Reports To:                   Charge Nurse and Director of Nurses

Program Description:     Provides assistance to the charge nurse by performing all treatments for the residents such as breathing                                                treatments, changing dressings, checking blood sugars, giving insulin, etc.

Essential Job Functions:         

Essential job functions include providing skin care with emphasis on treatments and therapy of skin disorder, hydration needs, bowel and bladder assessments, and respiratory treatments.  Also to work with the DON or designee on resident needs as prescribed by the physician and protocols of Satanta LTCU in accordance with standards of nursing practice and regulations of the State of Kansas.

Overall time performing treatments – % varies with resident load

  • Following treatment book and signing off treatments completed and documenting wounds
  • Taking residents blood sugar as directed and documenting
  • Administering insulin as directed and check for outdated insulin’s monthly and log
  • Changing dressing as directed
  • Apply creams/ointments as directed
  • Changing catheters and cleaning catheters as directed
  • Administering tube feedings as directed
  • Obtaining equipment from central storage and med room to perform treatments
  • Notify DON or designee of new skin problems, changes of condition regarding the skin

Time documenting- % varies with resident load

  • Initialing treatments as they are completed
  • Documenting issues in the nurses notes
  • Help with admits and readmits- upon arrival of new admit, help the charge nurse with the paperwork and document as needed
  • Assess and document resident’s progress in the medical record according to skin/wound, hydration, and bowel and bladder.
  • Document pressure sore status weekly or more often as condition changes per policy
  • Gather QA data and enter into QA book
  • Do skin assessments weekly on each resident and PRN
  • Assess residents for hydration
  • Assess residents bowel and bladder 

Miscellaneous activities:

  • Will be responsible for getting necessary information on any special equipment a resident may require such as a splint, air cast, compression equipment, etc. and will train staff members on its use
  • Maintain clean, orderly treatment cart
  • Restock treatment equipment in med room and in treatment chart
  • Maintain any equipment used
  • Address any hazardous conditions that may arise
  • Attend and participate in educational activities, in service training and staff meetings
  • Attend the fall/skin tear work group monthly 

Position Specifications 

Qualification Requirements:

Sufficient previous clinical experience preferred, people skills, current LPN/RN license in the state applying, CPR certification, and the ability to read, write, and follow oral and written directions at a level necessary to accomplish this job.


Education and/or Experience: 

High School Diploma:  Required

Experience:                Prior experience as a nurse and with treatments

Reasoning Abilities:      Have the ability to carry out required job description and able to communicate with residents concerning                                                 treatments given.

Temperament:               Friendly, helpful, compassionate, and professional 

Working Conditions:

  • Subject to many interruptions
  • Frequent contact with the public, residents, and staff
  • Exposed to unpleasant elements (accidents, injuries and illness)
  • Contact with residents under a wide variety of circumstances
  • May be exposed to infections and contagious diseases
  • Carry out infection control standards

Additional Requirements:

  • Maintains established departmental policies and procedures, objectives, continuous quality improvement, safety, environmental and infection control standards.
  • Maintains confidentiality of all resident data.
  • Demonstrates sensitivity to resident comfort and privacy.
  • Participates in educational programs and in-service meetings as required.
  • All language during assigned working hours shall be English unless otherwise directed by supervisor on a case by case basis.
  • Shall perform any and all other duties, within your scope of practice, as assigned by those appointed to a position over you.
  • Knows and follows resident rights, is aware of and reports and potential neglect, abuse or exploitation in the long-term care setting.
  • Identifies safety hazards and emergency situations and initiates corrective action immediately.
  • Is compliant with the state and federal regulations in the care of residents.
  • Properly executes duties assigned during the shift.
  • Participates in fire drills and emergency evacuation plans.
  • Maintain and keep current LPN/RN license by completing CEU hours.

(This list is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary)