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IT Manager

Satanta District Hospital & LTCU

Job Description

Department: Management and Information Systems

Title:  IT Manager/ Chief Information Officer

Classification: Salaried/Exempt

Reports to:  CEO

Program Description: To maintain and improve computer systems and services within the Satanta District Hospital and its subsidiaries.

Supervisory Responsibilities: The IT Assistant and any additional or temporary MIS staffing

Essential Job Functions:  Responsible for the technical aspects of information management throughout the organization; including the installation, configuration and maintenance of IT systems. Maintains computer network and related components in a serviceable condition. Works cooperatively with Satanta District Hospital and subsidiary departments, medical staff, providers, vendors and business partners. Provides management direction and leadership in computer applications development.

Position Specifications

Overall supervision and network construction/improvement - 60%

  • Conducts and oversees network improvements and modifications
  • Works with various departments to design/engineer/improve network and system functionality
  • Deals with sales vendors for purchasing hardware/software and services
  • Oversee maintenance and functionality of servers
  • Establishes priorities for system modifications and requests
  • Creates replacement schedule for outdated or inefficient equipment

Support and Maintenance - 30%

  • Answers phone calls and provides support for other departments
  • Provides support and assistance in person
  • Provides routine maintenance and replacements of network equipment and devices that require it
  • Installs and configures new or replacement workstations
  • Installs and configures software or peripheral devices upon request
  • Cleans/repairs/optimizes workstations to keep them in functional condition

Continuous Professional Development – 10%

  • Prepares policies and procedures regarding information management
  • Organizes the department workload and establishes work standards to promote efficiency and productivity
  • Motivates and manages staff to ensure that performance standards are met or exceeded
  • Attends administrative meetings and contributes ideas for improving efficiency and productivity
  • Maintains a clean work area and organizes spare equipment and networking closets

Qualifications Requirements

Previous experience with a wide variety of IT systems including workstation level experience as well as higher level network and server configuration and utilization. A four year degree in MIS or a related field is recommended but a two year degree or equivalent certification would also be acceptable.

Education and/or Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree: Recommended (Associates degree or two year equivalent certification required)

High School Diploma: Required

Experience: Recommended at least five years of experience in a technical field, some managerial experience preferred

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations: CCNA or equivalent recommended

Reasoning Abilities:

Attention to detail, technical aptitude, and critical thinking skills are mandatory. Must be capable of handling a wide and diverse workload while prioritizing individual tasks. Analytical and troubleshooting skills are also necessary, as well as the ability to critically analyze problems and engineer solutions. The ability to evaluate plans effect on future implementation and changes is equally critical.


Must be friendly and professional. It is important to be extremely flexible and possess a desire to work on a frequently diverse and ever changing schedule. A natural inquisitiveness and willingness to consistently learn new skills is also required.

Working Conditions:

Subject to many interruptions and occasionally an erratic or atypical work schedule. Late night/early morning maintenance or evening phone calls are to be expected.

Physical Demands:

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential function of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Prolonged, extensive or considerable sitting
  • Reaching above head or below waist
  • Kneeling or sitting on ground to access difficult areas
  • Occasional physical effort (lift/carry up to 100lbs)
  • Occasionally required to spend time in confined spaces (Above the ceiling, crawlspaces, etc.)
  • Exposed to systems with electrical or magnetic components
  • Exposed to hot/noisy/dusty equipment
  • Occasionally subject to odd hours (late nights/early mornings)