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How to send an encrypted e-mail message

posted Apr 3, 2012, 6:42 AM by Terry Chastain   [ updated Mar 5, 2015, 11:24 AM ]
Important Note: It is only necessary to encrypt an e-mail being sent to someone who does not have an email address. Any email sent between employees using their email address will be secure.

When composing a message simply put either "Encrypt" or "Confidential" into the subject line (quotation marks not necessary) before the rest of your subject. A long as you put either of those words anywhere in the subject, ensuring they are not misspelled, The message will be encrypted.


When someone receives a message that is encrypted, they will receive a message letting them know that they have received a message sent from your email address that is secure. It will also provide them a link to another website (called the Encryption portal) where they can view the message.

The first time this happens they will be prompted to choose their own password for accessing mail. Once they choose a password they can sign in and view any encrypted messages. They can also use this portal to send an encrypted message.

The next time they receive an encrypted mail sent from the hospital they will be required to log on with that password to view and send an encrypted message. Full instructions and help are included in the Encryption Portal for users needing access to this feature.