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How to use e-MDs Remote Desktop

1) Click on the e-MDs Remote Desktop icon (If you don't have the icon, you can get it from the S drive.)

It will look like this.

2) A log-on prompt should appear. Your username should already be filled in (ex. SDH\tdurden). Type in your Windows Password (this is the password you use to sign on to your computer when you first turn it on, NOT YOUR e-MDs PASSWORD) then click OK.

3) Next an e-MDs window should pop up. Now you can sign in using your e-MDs username and password.

4) You have successful signed in, please read the next notice to learn how to close e-MDs Remote Desktop.

This next part is very important.

When you are done with e-MDs you will need to click the gray X in the upper right hand corner of the screen, NOT THE BLUE X IN THE DROP DOWN MENU NEAR THE CENTER OF THE SCREEN.

If you click the blue X by accident, that is okay, simply log back in and click the gray X to close out properly which will free up licenses.