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e-MDs Help

This is a short guide that I will update occasionally to include more helpful tips for e-MDs for common problems.

Access Violation Error

Most likely you do not have a default printer selected. This can happen if you use a different computer than you normally use, to fix that, follow these instructions:

1) Click Start

2) Click Devices and Printers

3) Pick a printer (a real printer, not the TIFF printer,  PDF printer or XML printer) that you would like to set as the default (if you don't care, it doesn't matter which one you pick), then right click it and select Set as Default

4) Confirm that there is a green checkmark by the printer you selected. If so, the error should go away.

e-MDs is not accepting your password

1) Check your numbers lock key

2) Check your caps lock key

3) Check to make sure your login settings match the following: