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Counseling Department

Satanta District Hospital counseling department offers a multi-facet of services. Those services include:

I conduct a complete psychosocial assessment, which includes family history, what brought you in for services, education, marriage problems, parental problems, and conflicts, past trauma issues, aging issues, and bereavement of any kind of loss, military involvement, drug and alcohol history, mental health issues, and any physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

I work with all age groups from 2 years old and up. I have knowledge in depression, anxiety, working posttraumatic stress disorder, addictive behaviors, bereavement, and loss of any kind such as not able to drive or use an extremity, helping parents work with their children’s behavior, and many other mental health disorders. I work with family, individuals, and groups depending on the need of service.

I complete treatment plans based on the individual’s diagnoses and presenting problem. The client is a huge part of deciding this plan. This treatment plan is what the client works on to meet their long term goal and helps guide the client during their psychotherapy sessions.

I have conducted consultations per request of the Physician when a patient in is the hospital, emergency room, or out-patient hospital or clinic. These assist the Physicians on how their patient is doing mentally.

It is a benefit for mental health services to have the Physicians working collaboratively to give their patients better quality care as mental health issues can be the core and the medical can be secondary.